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INDIANAPOLIS, IN –It’s that time of year when the hangover from the NFL season transcends into an indulgence of over coverage on college athletes preparing for the NFL Combine. While the Combine is still months away, it’s never too early to indulge, and the more information we have, the better informed we are when hurling beer cans and explicative’s at the television when our favorite team drafts and undesired pick.

While we all are football fanatics at heart, let’s be honest, watching a barely mature young men walk into millionaire status is not necessarily must-see TV; unless of course you are well informed. We’ve done the research and here’s our “way too early” list of the top 5 most impactful players in the 2016 NFL draft.

While these are not the five best players in this years draft, nor are they the five players who will have the most successful careers, they are the five players we think will make an immediate impact for their respective clubs. We also tallied up the variables like, what position a player’s drafted at, as well as what club selects a player and if that draft selection is based on needs or development potential.


Laremy Tunsil | University of Mississippi | #1 to the Tennessee Titans

As unsexy as this pick is, it is an absolute no-brainer, and there is not going to be a learning curve with Tunsil. A superstar at every level, Tunsil is the answer to the Titans pressing need to protect last year’s first-round pick in Marcus Mariota. While the Titans have needs all over the board, protecting Mariota is a necessity the Titans can’t afford to overlook. With the selection of Tunsil at the No. 1 spot, the Titans are sure to get immediate production which means immediate protection for Mariota.

Joey Bosa | Ohio State University | #3 to the San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have a lot of offensive weapons, so there’s no doubt they will be thinking defensively with their first pick. Bosa will be both the best available player as well as a major piece to the defensive puzzle that the Chargers are trying to fix. At 6’6” and 275 lbs Bosa is a beast and a reflection of an Ohio State system that saw only four defeats too thirty-eight victories and a National Title in the last three years. An integral part of the Buckeyes success, Bosa could be same for the Chargers if they draft him. A clear indication that we’d see the former Buckeye chasing Carrs’ for the next four years in SoCal.

Vernon Hargreaves | University Of Florida | #5 to the Jacksonville Jaguars

If the Jags select Vernon Hargreaves, he will join former Gator alum Dante Fowler in Jacksonville this season. If the former proves true, look for the 5’11” 195 lb corner to start right away. The Jacksonville defensive line will be much improved with Fowler, and will allow a young Jaguars secondary time to develop. Hargreaves is competitive, quick and plays bigger than his frame.

Myles Jack | UCLA | #7 to the San Francisco 49ers

Myles Jack in this spot to a 49ers whose defense has been decimated over the last year is fitting as the Niners will also have a coach looking to prove his worth as well. While it’s likely Jack will not fall to the seventh pick, it is not unlikely that the 49ers could trade up for the need. The 49ers would be an ideal landing spot as it would allow him to play right away without being in a rotation.

Ezekiel Elliot | Ohio State University | #20 to the New York Jets

The second Buckeye on our list Elliot, who has talent worthy of a top 10-15 pick, may fall in the later rounds due to needs. The Jets would make for an ideal situation considering aside from the Baltimore Ravens; no other team has a pressing need at RB other than the New York Jets who are likely to lose Chris Ivory due to free agency. Elliot would make the perfect fit considering he has it all, blazing speed, the ability to make tacklers miss, and good hands out of the backfield.

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