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A Battle Is On Deck

Orlando, FL– Something New
It’s what we’ve all longed for — A tournament that caters to edge of our imaginations and fulfills it like a youthful trip to the happiest place on earth. An event so grand in scale that it garners the attention of major corporations. The fortune 500’s of the world, whose household names are the childhood brands that have earned our loyalty over the years. While brand association lends equity to the FFWCT’s Battle of Orlando, it is the platform that makes this event a recreational daydream, while positioning it to be the true National Championship.

Strategically placed in Florida, Battle of Orlando features an array of flag football platform as well as inviting High School 7v7 into the fold. The Battle also does something very few platforms have offered in recent past. With paid bids and travel vouchers, demographically challenged teams can now participate without dipping into the families emergency savings or their kid’s college funds.

A New Landscape
In an unclaimed battle for Tournament supremacy that has waged on for over ten years, the Power three (MCFFU, HISI, and USFTL) now have a new member at the table. Unlike previous years, when mega tournaments used demographics to choke hold the flag football community into regional tournaments that make self-proclamations of National prowess, the time for magic tricks and circus shows is now at an end. The era of Tournament Organizations that fail to cross the Mississippi will now be hung out like, strange fruit swinging in the southern breeze. The writing is now plastered onto the walls of reality and Gone are the days of tyrannical directors who only see the world through narrowed scopes and blurred lenses.

While the FFWCT’s Travis Barnett and Charles Davis are new kids on the block in regards to Major NIT tournament directing, their presence within the flag community is far from new. The duo introduces a new and refreshing model to recreational sports that have been missing for years. While segments of the model were previously attempted by the MCFFU, its introduction was plagued by forwarding thought and political scandal much like an episode of House Of Cards. In a time when the sport seemed destined for the cliffs, something new has come along, and It’s a true world tour.

What This Means
In March of 2016 JustScore interviewed Michael Chion owner of the USFTL and asked a singular questioned that we thought required a very simple answer. Why hasn’t’ the game of flag football been unified from a National perspective? The answer we were provided was nothing short of a narcissistic indulgence; ” Cause they have an open invitation to come to Tampa Florida every Martin Luther King weekend.”

The USFTL holds the largest multi-platform tournament in the country, while Hike It & Spike It comes in second with the Largest singular platform event. The MCFFU, while its numbers have dwindled since last year’s scandal at the World Championships, has always stood as the staple for the elite west coast teams. In comes the Flag Football World Championship Tour. In less than a year they have amassed a roster of over 200 teams with an A division in Men’s 8 Man Eligible (the heavyweights of Flag Football) having over 40 teams. More than both the MCFFU and USFTL A/Pro Divisions combined. With the FFWCT’s “Battle Of Orlando” racking in the level of prowess and esteem, the event as a platform could turn out to be the True National Championship.

While the event is yet to happen the promise that it holds exceeds anything that the USFTL, MCFFU, FLAGMAG or any other historical Flag Football organization has been able to amass in years past. The call has been made and answered, and the only thing left to do now is Make Flag Football Great Again.

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