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LOS ANGELES, CA — Nationals weekend has come to a close; the ballots are in, and the standings tallied. G-Unit of Modesto, California made the most significant leap onto the National spotlight moving from outside of the top 25 into the #10th ranked position, while UFB (Unfinished Business), made a similar jump from an unranked position into the #15th spot. At the peak of the poles, three powerhouses played “ring around the roses,” with Extreme Odds topping AMC, who in a controversial loss to the Windy City Hammer dropped from the USFTL Nationals final four standings.

The Adult Recreational Tournament season will be capped off by the Flag Football World Championship this April. This year’s World Championships will arguably be the most competitive tournament in the last twenty years as the USFTL 2015 (All-Met Core) and 2016 (Extreme Odds) National Champions will be in attendance along with the perennial Windy City Hammer making their first trip out west. The Premier Flag Football Federations Denver Goats and Team Swift will also venture into hostile territory to compete in the “Grandaddy of them all.”

Stay tuned for upcoming news coverage, interviews and more as we follow teams in their preparation to compete against the Nations best.

Extreme Odds (dc)14217.0+2
Bay Kings (ca)24314.5--
Windy City Hammer (il)36314+2
All Met Core (md)4539.5-3
Team Slow (tx)5518.5-1
C.V. Demons (ca)6607.0-3
Bad Dogs (wa)7216.5+1
Playboy Bunnies (nv)8226.0+2
Denver Goats (co)9216.0--
G-Unit (ca)10216NR
shockwave (ga)11426.0+5
Dolphins (dc)12215.5-1
Hoppers (az)13115.0+1
Hurricanes (md)14115.0+1
UFB (nv)15115.0NR
Sac Wolfpack (ca)16304.5-9
Hungover (il)17314.0--
Dallas Fort-Worth Rams (tx)18224.0+1
Long Beach All-Stars (ca)19223.5+1
DFW Razin Havoc (tx)20403.0+1
Hostile Takeover (md)21203.0+1
Never Back Down (il)22403.0+1
Queen City Seahawks (oh)23303.0-1
Mile High Built25112.5NR
BallHawks (nv)24112.5+1

legend: PA (tournaments attended in which team earned points) | U18 (Number of United 18 tournaments attended) | Pts (Total rankings points earned ) | Trend (teams positive or negative movement in rankings)

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