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SAN DIEGO, CA — As the summer comes to a close so does the height of the 8 Man flag football tournament season. While there are several tournaments that will take place during the fall, none will be as significant as Nationals. At the beginning of the summer, there was a celestial shift as the East Coast embarked upon a mission to make a statement that would echo across the Nation. The message was simple and heard loud and clear, “We are better than you!” AMC who’d traveled west last October to win the MCFFU San Diego Open followed their performance up by returning west to compete in the MCFFU World Championships. All-Met strengthened their argument by going undefeated and landing in a West Coast Major NIT once again. Though many would argue that AMC is historically a great team that always has success no matter where they go; Then came Extreme Odds. Extreme would make their Westcoast debut and would do so in such a convincing manner that their performance nearly diminished the quality of play for an entire coast. Georgia United would pull up the rear by dominating the competitive division and making it a clean sweep for the three teams whose body of work represents the level of competition commonly witnessed at the USFTL Nationals.



logo-EO1. Extreme Odds (DC)
Antione “Six” Taylor and Extreme Odds have started the reign of their dominance. Extreme Odds has been virtually unbeatable destroying opponents and conquering every tournament they enter. Accredited Tournament Points: Virginia Beach NIT 1st (5pts), Metro Cup 1st (5pts., MCFFU World Championships 1st (5pts), (0.5 travel pts.), USFTL Nationals 1st (10pts.), State of Maryland Championships 1st (1pt)

logo-WCH2. Windy City Hammer (II)
The Wind City Hammer have bullied their way into the No. 2 spot with brutish physical play. Nicolas Peter and the Hammer won’t see another formidable Opponent until January, which means they’ll sit tight at No.2. Accredited Tournament Points: Fallen Warriors Semi-Finalist (1pt), MCFFU World Championships Travel Points (0.5), Northfield Spring NIT 2nd (2.5), USFTL Nationals 2nd (5pts), Illinois State Championships (1pt), Windy City Cup 1st. (5pts), Northfield Summer Ending NIT 1st (1pt).

3. Team Slow (TX)
Team Slow is one of the most prolific teams in the state of Texas. Unfortunately very few teams in the State of Texas play outside of the State of Texas. While ranked No. 5, it would be interesting to see how they matchup outside of the Lone Star. Accredited Tournament Points: Texas Shootout 1st (1pt), Alamo City Winter Classic 2nd (0.5), Border City Shootout 1st (1pt), Texas State Championships 1st (5.0), Bayou City Bash 1st (1pt), Hispanic State Championships 2nd (0.5).

4. Hungover (IL)
While Hungover sits in the No. 7 spot the gravity of their Major NIT schedule is thin and if they’re unable to follow up their former performances they’ll drop like a rock. Accredited Tournament Points: Northfield Spring NIT 1st (5.0), Windy City Cut 2nd (2.5)

5. G-Unit (CA)
G-Unit has one of the best receivers on the West Coast in Jamie January. It will be imperative for the Unit to continue its success on the National Platform by stretching its wings outside the walls of comfort. Accredited Tournament Points: Gridiron Games Summer Flag: 1.0 (1st), Battle of the Bay: 0.5 (2nd), Capital City Showdown: 2nd (0.5), FlagMag Nationals: 1st Place (5pts)

6. Fresno Renegades (CA)
The Renegades are the new powerhouse hailing out of the Central Valley of California. The Renegades have traveled from Oregon to Vegas and won, earning themselves a place at the table. Accredited Tournament Points: CVFA Road To Vegas 1st place (1pt), Central Valley Tournament 1st (1pt), NW Medford Snow Bowl 2nd (1.5pts), CVFA Road To Vegas 1st Place (1pt), CVFA Road To Vegas 1st place. (1pt), FlagMag Nationals Semi Finals (1.0)

7. AthElites (NC)
Welcome to the party. With a Fallen Warriors title added to the resume, it quickly shot the AthElites into the top 10. The question now is can they sustain their position on a coast that’s arguably the best in the Nation. Accredited Tournament Points: Fallen Warriors: 1st (5.0), NC March Madness NIT: 1st (1pt), Greensboro, NC TFFL State Championship:

8. NAS (CA)
NAS came close to upsetting No.1 Extreme Odds at the MCFFU World Championships. After being stormed off the field they looked to storm back on with vengeance at the MCFFU San Diego Open and did so claiming another MCFFU title. . Accredited Tournament Points: Texas Gridiron Invitational 2nd place (0.5pt), Super Shootout XXVII Champions (1pt.), MCFFU NATIONALS travel points (0.5pts), Bayou City Bash 2nd Place (0.5pts)

9. Fort Worth Rams (TX)
While the Rams may have slipped in the Rankings, their clearly one of the best teams in Texas and will consistently walk away with local tournaments that will earn them points keeping them in the conversation. Accredited Tournament Points: Texas Gridiron Invitational 2nd place (0.5pt), Super Shootout XXVII Champions (1pt.), MCFFU NATIONALS travel points (0.5pts), Bayou City Bash 2nd Place (0.5pts)

10. AMC (MD)
The Core is one of the Nations storied teams, and it’s rare for them not to land in a Championships game; however it appears that Extreme Odds has become AMC’s new roadblock and when it comes to Championship titles – X marks the spot. Accredited Tournament Points: MCFFU World Championships 1st (5pts) and (0.5 travel pts.), MCFFU Tournament of Champions 1st (5pts).

11. Georgia United (GA)
In April Georgia United formed only weeks before travelling across the country. Then Won a Comp title. Then flew to Colorado and Won Best of the Best. Up next – The San Diego Open. Accredited Tournament Points: Best of the Best Champions (5pts), Best of the Best travel points (0.5pts)

12. UFB (NV)
In January UFB Dominated at the MCFFU Nationals. IF not for scheduling they may have done the same at the MCFFU World Championships. Expect them to pick up where they left off. Accredited Tournament Points: MCFFU Nationals Champion (5.0)

13. Bay Kings (CA)
The Bay Kings are clearly one of the best team in the West; However, UFB is quickly coming to take claim to that title. The San Diego Open will be another test for the Kings to argue their case. Accredited Tournament Points: USA WestCoast Championships 1st (1pt), World Championships Semi-Finalist (1.5pts), Capital City Showdown 1st (1pt), MCFFU Nationals Semi-Finalist (1pt), MCFFU San Diego Open 2nd (2.5).

14. San Antonio Trojans (TX)
The Trojans have been on a run, winning four Major NIT tournament in the last three months. If they can follow their recent performances into The Texas State Championships, the sky’s the limit. Accredited Tournament Points: USA WestCoast Championships: 0.5 (2nd), Texas Gridiron Invitational: 2nd (0.5pt), Texas Gridiron Invitational: 1st (1pt), Super Shootout XXVII: 2nd place (0.5pts)

15. Seattle Bad Dogs (WA)
Recently the quality of West Coast Flag Football has been questioned by the National 8 Man community, and the absence of top-ranked teams like the Bad Dogs has played a part in that questioning. Accredited Tournament Points: NW Medford Snowbowl 1st (5.0), WestCoast Flag Football Championships 2nd (), Stephen Faoro Battle of the Borders 1st (5.0)

16. Source One Wolfpack (CA)
While the Wolfpack sit comfortably at the 12th spot, there could be trouble in the works. The team will miss one of the coast major tournaments in the S.D. Open, while fighting off an exodus. Accredited Tournament Points: Gridiron Summer Tournament 2nd place (0.5pts), GridIron Gamers Tournament 2nd Place (0.5pts), 2015 CVFA Road To Vegas Champions (1pt), 2015 CVFFL Holiday Tournament Champions (1pt)

17. Spokane Outlaws (WA)
With the victory of the Flag Football Frenzy, the Spokane Outlaws have exploded onto the National scene and broken into the top twenty. While many may question the Outlaws No.15 ranking, what can’t be denied is their success. Accredited Tournament Points: Illinois State Championships 2nd (2.5pts), Windy City Cup Semi-Finalist (1pt)

18. Storm (TX)
Texas is by far the largest state in the country, which leads to the reason why their teams don’t travel much outside of their backyard. While ranked it doesn’t mean much unless you travel. Accredited Tournament Points: Texas Shootout 2nd place (0.5 pts), Alamo City Winter Classic Champion (1pt), Texas State Championship 2nd place (2.5pts)

19. Shockwave (Ga)
Outside of the USFTL Nationals, Shockwave doesn’t travel much. While considered one of the best teams in the East, they’ll never defeat elite teams like AMC or Extreme Odds to take a major NIT title. Accredited Tournament Points: 2016 Fallen Warriors 2nd Place (2.5pts), 2016 USFTL Nationals Semi-Finalist (1.5pts)

20. Long Beach All-Stars (CA)
The Long Beach All-Stars appeared to have fallen off the face of the earth as they battled with players transitioning out of the game. The All-Stars are legendary, and one big win puts them back on the map. Accredited Tournament Points: CVFA Tournament Champion (1pt), MCFFU Nationals 2nd place (2.5pts), 2015 MCFFU Tournament of Champions Semi-Finalist (1pt)

21. Raiders (OH)
The Raiders have broken into the National rankings. The next challenge will be to face off against tougher competition. Accredited Tournament Points: OH Spring NIT Champions (1pt), USFTL Nationals: Semi-Finalist (1.5 pts), 2015 USFTL 41st Annual State of Ohio Championships 2nd Place (0.5 pts)

22. Invaders AC (DC)
The Invaders land in the Top 25 with a lone Tournament performance from the Metro Cup, a Tournament that has lost its luster in recent years. Nevertheless, there still a DC team, which adds weight to any victory. Accredited Tournament Points: Metro Cup 2nd Place (2.5pts)

23. Brothers AC (DC)
The Baltimore, Maryland area, is known for having one of the most physical brands of Flag Football. Accredited Tournament Points: Virginia Beach NIT 2nd Place (2.5pts)


24. Epic Valet (CA)
In 2014 Epic Valet won the MCFFU National Championships, then went on hiatus for nearly thirty-one months without winning a major NIT. In August they came close. Now if they can just attend more than two major tournaments a year they can begin to earn some Nationa recognition. Accredited Tournament Points: 2016 MCFFU Tournament of Champions 2nd place (2.5)

25. Seattle Beast (WA)
Until the Flag Football Frenzy, the Seattle Beast were virtually unknown on the National scene. Now that they’ve arrived to the show, the question remains, how long can they stay? Accredited Tournament Points: Flag Football Frenzy 2nd place (2.5)






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