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LOS ANGELES, CA — Over the weekend I found myself engaged in an interesting conversation with a good business associate on the topic of flag football. It was a clash of titans and a feverish debate over money and flag football sharing the same space. A wealth of professional athletic experience versus nearly twenty years of recreational sports management marked the field for debate. In one argument there was the perspective that the injection of money as an incentive in tournaments would ultimately undo the sport as it is a divisive mechanism that causes some individuals to uncouth. The argument also insisted that “money,” leads to an increase in the use of expletives and aggression causing a player to focus more on the incentive as opposed to the “love of the game.”

The alternative argument was that money, which is an incentive in every major league sport and collegiate sport, has not defiled the integrity of the game in any of the respective sports but rather enhanced their growth. The suggestion that money is the “root of all evil,” is more divisive than calling for the accountability of individuals who play the sport and have no self -control. In recreational and amateur sports there is a three-headed horseman that is vigilant in collecting fees. The cost of flight, hotel and rental car fees are an expense that is an unavoidable precursor to any event, less it be local.

In some states and National demographics where local tournament play and league play is sustainable to the culture, it does not contribute to the National and collective growth of one of the Nations largest recreational sports. While some hope to never see the sport of Flag Football Nationally unified, there are other working hard and thinking different to bring to the sport what every participant to eager to experience. While we all enjoy the fruits of labor one must accept that the labor must first be sowed.

In previous years iconic organizations managed by stronger personalities dictated the direction of the game. With the emergence of technology and social media that ability to close the gap between coast has become more possible now than ever. While it is impossible to know what the future holds, the only way to ever find out is to move towards it. You stand at the end of Curiosity. As a participant of flag football, how do you feel about cash incentivized flag football tournaments? Please take a moment to participate in a quick survey and share this link with at least 10 people.

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FFB | For The Love Of Money

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