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From The Mag | They All Met The Core

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SAN DIEGO, C.A. — It was built as the game of the century. One of the most highly anticipated games in the last five years. An unprecedented organized success for a coast and an organization nearly on the brink of extinction. It’s National presence in the ballads, needing affirmation from rivaled contemporaries. Finally, the USFTL and MCFFU Champions would face off to fulfill the public’s blood lust, for claiming the title of superiority. For the “Viper” and AMC, It was a quintessential performance set in a city that blends fortune with paradise and nearly a ten-year wait into forty minutes of excitement. What it promised was a spectacle, what it delivered was more subtle. Finley tuned, the calculus of competition, calibrated in incomprehensible distances, and invisible angles. An expression of pugilistic genius- an end position of will, this is the crowning of solidarity.

“we watched film on Long Beach, and we watched film on the Bay Kings. We cared less about anybody else out there.”

Traveling across the country to compete in an Adult recreational sport isn’t the easiest of tasks. Timing up vacation for twenty-five working adults is the equivalent to booking a family reunion in a week with no phone or email – good luck! So when AMC booked the MCFFU Tournament of Champions and was able to arrive twenty-five deep, nothing less than a “Chip,” was expected, even if they did leave a quarter of their defense at home. All-Met would escape disaster several times to prove that being a perennial champion doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put on a perfect performance all of the time, just when it counts. On day one AMC would fall to the MCFFU World Champion Bay Kings, who they’d face a second time, but for all the marbles. Leonard Stevenson was game on, taking the AMC’s fate into his hands and putting his team on his back. With a three catch, two touchdowns, eighty-four-yard performance, Leonard led the Core to a West Coast title and plenty of heads to place on the mantle. We sat down with the speedy route runner to find out one question –  how was it facing the mouth of a lion?
JUST SCORE: After day one and seeing what the West had to offer, what teams were you guys looking forward to playing?
LEONARD: Just the Bay Kings, nobody else. We cared about nobody else. We cared about nobody else. I’ll keep it a thousand with you bruh, coming in we watched film on two teams, we watched film on Long Beach, and we watched film on the Bay Kings. We cared less about anybody else out there. We knew that Long Beach and Bay Kings were two teams out there that were the only two teams that competed. You know sometimes it gets us in trouble, to where we are a cocky bunch of dirty guys, so coming out there we felt like as long as we – we weren’t worried about matching the intensity or anything like that, we knew we would bring the intensity and we knew we would bring the competitiveness, we just wanted to make sure we weren’t over aggressive and that we didn’t take you guys lightly. That’s the only thing we were worried about. So going into day two when we met Saturday night, we were like let’s get these first two games out of the way and then once we get to the third game – we looked at the third game like we gotta double dip. We looked at it like we gotta double dip to get a chip. So we looked at the third game like this is the “it game” and if we win this game then we play one game for the chip and that it. So we were either worried about playing Bay Kings again, which we really wanted to play the Bay Kings because they beat us Saturday. We cared less about Long Beach after we lost to the Bay Kings on Saturday. So it was only Long Beach and the Bay Kings that we were really worried about. After we played the Bay Kings and watched Long Beach play we knew that the Bay Kings was ten times better than Long Beach, so really we were just worried about the Bay Kings.

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