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In week 8 of the AAU’s Southern California East & West Youth Football League, the Nation Titans were on the road against the hosting Artesia Hornets. Leading into week eight there were no programs that claim dominance and own it better than the Nation Titans. The Nation Titans, whose chapter is stacked from the 6U to 14U division proved on Saturday that, that they are One Nation under, O’my god!

The Nation Dominated at every level outscoring the Hornets as a cohesive program (6U-14U) 224-20. The most competitive match came at the 10U level. The Hornets who were leading the game 20-8 failed to make adjustments at the halfway point and allowed the Nation to claw it’s way back into the game and onto a 26-20 victory.

At the 12U and 14U level, the game was a highlight reel for the Nations Tomarion “The Train” Harden and Leo Carter. Harden, who has dominated the ground game at the 12U level in the Western Conference put up six scores to lead the Nations 12U team to a 52-0 victory over the Hornets. In the 14U matchup, Leo Carter showed why the Nations might have the best secondary in all of the AAU. Carter’s two interceptions returned for touchdowns may have totaled in more yardage than the Hornets offense was able to put up all game.

With week 8 now done and in the books, up next is the first round of the playoffs, where records and reputations will be put to the birth of a Nation’s maturity will be challenged by Lobos, and Vypers and Buccs… O’my.

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