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The True National Chamionship

Over the years there has been much debate over what tournament determines the National Champion. An aging topic whose Hiroshima-like slaughtering of hopes has buried aspirations like a notification in a spammy email account. In the last few days, we have seen trolls propagate as if Heinrich Himmler and a fleet of Gestapo officials were hovering over twitter fingers and a Nation stand up and respond with, “No More Lies!”

It is a sentiment that has raised an itching inquisition. In previous years we have been told that the MCFFU was the real National Championship (for teams west of the Mississippi) or that the USFTL was the true National Championship (for teams east of the Mississippi), but the resounding contradiction has always been in the details. The proclamation of National is void when it does not include the Nation in whole as it is an idea that has soaked the soil of Pennsylvania roads while splitting the Nation like firewood.

As did Langston Hughes, we wonder as we wonder, what is the National opinion regarding the tournament that most accurately reflects a true National Championship. Amongst the many options, the historical USFTL stands atop of the hill. The multi-platform event is the largest of the year, but their inability to cross the Mississippi and lack of National Championship reward tarnishes their mystique making the image in the mirror look only like a mirage leading the masses to an optical phenomenon of plastic points.

The MCFFU is the most competitive platform west of the Mississippi, but its ability to find a home outside of Las Vegas and the shores of San Diego makes the platform as large as square foot cut out on Gilligans Island. The debunked turnout in recent years, incompetent officiating, and lack of brand organization has left the organization in ruins and a coast floating off into the Pacific like castaways.

The proposition of the FFWCT’s, Battle of Orlando all hinges on the success of a singular tournament that promises to be the Granddaddy of them all. After a short string of successful tournaments the build up to Orlando, its grandiose presentation, and unblemished reputation leaves the organization primed to be positioned as the No.1 event of the tournament year.

FlagMag is one of the best run National organizations of the tournament year; however, the organizations presence and dedication to the culture is as present as a whispering voice on an ouija board. The organization has been on a downward spiral since its corporate transition.

While Hike It & Spike It is primarily a youth event, it’s adult cash division places on the map. It is an event so grand that it demands the recognition of Home Land Security; however, the events security is so tight it could choke the life out of a noose. More flag football players land in Jail or in confrontations with authorities at an HISI event than all Flag Football events combined. While the event is Premium and operated by a league of extraordinary gentlemen the recent deduction in cash payouts and 2016 officiating controversy the event may be headed toward youth only in the distant future.

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