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TOP 25 National Rankings | April 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA — The final celebratory Major NIT Tournament for the 2015 Adult Flag Football Season is upon us. Unlike the many that have preceded it, none come close in scale. While other tournaments will eclipse the Flag Football World Championships in quality, very few have been able to match this year’s World Championships in regards to quality. Fifty-two percent of the Nations top 25 power ranked teams will be in attendance to compete for bragging rights and the claim of the Westcoast most elite NIT.

As we enter into the Flag Football World Championships we do so with a new Top 25 National Rankings and “Whoa Nelly,” things have shaken up. Top teams have slid while perennial powerhouses remain lowly ranked due to tournament inactivity.

Mile High Built (CO)25112.5--
Ballhawks (NV)24112.5--
Never Back Down (IL)23312.5-1
DFW Razin Havoc (TX)22312.5-2
Dynasty (Or)21203.0NR
Hostile Takeover (MD)20213.0+1
Fort Worth Rams (TX)19413.0-1
Fresno Renegades (CA)18203.5NR
Long Beach All-Stars (CA)17223.5+1
Hungover (IL)16314.0+1
Source One Wolfpack (CA)15605.0+1
UFB (nv)14115.0+1
Hurricanes (MD)13115.0+1
Hoppers (AZ)12115.0+1
DC Dolphins (DC)11215.5+1
Bay Kings (CA)10425.5-8
Shockwave (Ga)9426.0+2
G-Unit (CA)8216.0+2
Denver Goats (CO)7216.0+2
Demons (CA)6616.0--
AMC (MD)5328.5-1
Team Slow (TX)4619.0+1
Seattle Bad Dogs (WA)36111.5+4
Windy City Hammer (IL)25213.0+1
Extreme Odds (DC)14217.0--


1. Extreme Odds
Extreme Odds dominated the USFTL Nationals, taking one of the two most point awarding tournaments in the Power 18. With a Flag Football World Championship appearance, they have an opportunity to tighten their grip on the No. 1 spot
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) USFTL Nationals 1st Place [10pts] 2.) USFTL State of Maryland Championships 1st Place [1pt] 3.) USFTL Fallen Warriors 1st Place [5pts] 4.) USFTL Metro Cup 2nd Place [1pt]

2. Windy City Hammer
The Hammer swept the Midwest, and the Northfield Flag Football Leagues sanctioned NIT tournaments. The Hammers Dominance was reflected as they contended for the 2015 USFTL National Title.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) USFTL Nationals 2nd Place [5pts] 2.) USFTL 14th Annual State of Illinois Championships 1st Place [1st] 3.) USFTL Windy City Cup 1st Place [5pts]  4.) Northfield Summer Ending NIT 1st Place [1pt]  5.) Northfield Summer NIT 1st Place [1pt]

3. Seattle Bad Dogs
The Seattle Bad Dogs Reign over the Northwest region of the country has been robust enough to propel them into the Top 5 in the Nation. With Significant tournament victories and tournament activity the Bad Dogs land at No. 3.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Medford Snow Bowl 1st [5.0] 2.) 2015 MCFFC Tournament 2nd [0.5pts]  3.) Stephen Faoro Battle of the Boarders 1st [5pts] 4.) Spokane Mayhem Tournament 1st [1pt]

4. Team Slow
Outside of Dallas Fort-Worth, Team Slow owns Texas. With six NIT’s and a Texas State Championship under their belts, it’s no surprise that they’re ranked right at the top of the food chain.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Alamo City Winter Classic 2nd [0.5pts] 2.) Border City Shootout 1st [1pt] 3.) Hispanic State Championship 2nd  [0.5pts] 4.)Texas State Championship 1st [5pts] 5.) Bayou City Bash 1st [1pt] 6.) Trojan Shootout 1st [1pt] 

5.All-Met Core
It’s been a rough ride for the Core since last August when they solidified their No. 1 National status defeating the Bay Kings at the MCFFU Tournament of Champions. Since then it’s been a downhill slide, but good teams bounce back, and AMC is among great ones.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) 2015 MCFFU Tournament of Champions 1st 2.) USFTL Metro Cup 2nd 3.) USFTL Steel City Cup 1st.

6. Central Valley Demons
Possibly the most controversial ranking yet most deserved. While the Demons are a young a team, what they’ve done is worth notoriety. The Demons, who nearly upsetting AMC also had a six tournament streak of dominance.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) CVFA Tournament [1pt]  2.) MCFFU Tournament of Champions [1pt]  3.) CVFA Tournament [1pt]  4.) CVFA Tournament [1pt]  5.) Valley Bowl Championship [1pt]  6.) CVFA Tournament [1pt] 

7. Denver Goats
The Goats who are more like the New England Patriots than the Dever Broncos, win without much flash. It’s simple and sometimes boring, but one thing is for sure, it’s effective. The Goats, who are the perennial kings of the Rockies, come in at No. 7 Nationally,
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Holiday Bowl 1st [1pt]  2. Best of the Best 1st [5pts] 

8. G-Unit
G-Units strong January performance placed them on the map and in the Top 25. They’ll need to follow that performance up at the Flag Football World Championships that host the Nations best.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) 2015 FlagMag Nationals 1st [5pt] 2.) Capital City Showdown [1pt] 

9. Shockwave
A formidable force, Shockwave is always in the conversation, but rarely the exclamation point. With one of the most gifted Quarterbacks in the game, it can be argued that they’re up next.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.)USFTL Nationals Semi’s [1pt]  2.) ASL Fallen Warriors 2nd [2.5pts] 3.) TFFL Savage Classic 1st [1pt] 4.) Dynamic Sports NIT 1st. [1pt] 

10. Bay Kings
The Kings are without question one of the most dominate teams on the Westcoast over the last twelve months. Amongst the Elites, they are two games to one over the Long Beach All-Stars, they own the Wolfpack, and few teams that want to face them.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Capital City Showdown 1st [1pt] 2.) MCFFU Nationals Semi-Finalist [1pt]  3.) MCFFU Tournament of Champions 2nd [2.5pt] 4.) Flash Football Tournament 1st [1pt] 

11. D.C. Dolphins
A Historical Giant in the DC / Maryland area the Dolphins are a tournament away from breaking into the National conversation.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) USFTL State of Maryland Championships: 2nd 2.) WAFFL VA Beach MAJOR NIT 1st

12. Hoppers
The Arizona Sports League has a wealth of talent, and the Hoppers are on the rise. The Hoppers earned a quality victory last spring over the Ballhawks and are drawing closer to a final four placement at a MNIT.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.)ASL Regional Tournament 1st [5pts] 

13. Hurricanes
The Hurricanes took the USFTL Metro Cup, defeating the No. 1 ranked Extreme Odds, No.5 ranked A.M.C., DC Jets, and the No. 11 Ranked D.C. Dolphins. A quintessential example of strength of schedule.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) USFTL Metro Cup [5pts] 

14. Unfinished Business
Formally known as DX, UFB was a sleeper at the MCFFU Nationals in January. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it will be interesting to see how teams match up against one of the most prolific offenses on the 8 Man Scene.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) MCFFU Nationals 1st. [5pts] 

15. Source One Wolfpack
Since August of 2015, the Wolfpack has begun to pick up their tournament participation. The Pack has put on dominating performances in both Central Valley and NorCal Tournaments; however the Pack has failed to place in the final four when on the big stage, which is where their strength of tournament schedule takes a hit.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Capital City Showdown 2nd [0.5pts] 2.) CVFFL Road To Vegas 1st. [1pt] 3.) CVFFL Holiday Tournament 1st [1pt] 4.) Capital City Showdown 1st. [1pt] 5.) CVFFL Holloween Tournament [1pt] 6.) Flash Football Tournament 2nd [0.5pt] 

16. Hungover
The contemporary to the Windy City Hammer, Hungover is another Midwest force, who unlike the Hammer is stacked in quality tournament points yet fails to travel.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Windy City Cup 2nd [2.5pts] 2.) Northfield Pre-Season NIT 1st [1pt] 3.) Northfield Summer NIT 2nd [0.5pts] 

17. Long Beach All-Stars
While many will argue that the All-Stars 17th ranking doesn’t align with their playing ability, that argument is quickly countered with one that says it does match their tournament participation. The All-Stars have participated in only two Major NIT’s in the last 12 months. While they placed in the final four of both Major NIT’s, that alone isn’t enough to rank the legendary team above others who are willing to put their reputation on the line more frequently.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) MCFFU National Championships 2nd [2.5pts]  2.) 2015 MCFFU Tournament of Champions 3rd [1pt] 

18. Fresno Renegades
The Renegades were virtually silent for much of 2015 but made a statement at the FlagMag Nationals finishing in the top four. Renegades followed that performance up at the Medford Snowbowl with a second place finish.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Medford Snow Bowl 2nd [2.5pts] 2.) FlagMag Nationals 2nd [1pt] 

19. Dallas Fort-Worth Rams
The Rams trip to the MCFFU Nationals taught us one thing – 8 Man Screen teams can play 8 Man Contact. It also taught the Rams a thing or two – If you play 8, Man Contact get some big boys to offset the lack of size a screen teams roster carries.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) MCFFU Nationals traveling points [0.5pts] 2.) Bayou City Bash 2nd [0.5pts] 3.) FFX Summer Night Bowl [1pt] 4.) Texan Flag Night 1st [1pt] 

20 Hostile Takeover
In the last 12 months, the Takeover has failed to take over anything above 2nd place and on a National scale that just doesn’t cut it.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.)  Greensboro, NC TFFL State Championship 2nd [0.5pts] 2.) WAFFL VA Beach MAJOR NIT 2nd [2.5pts]

21 Dynasty
The Northwest isn’t short of quality teams. Dynasty has a collection of quality victories that don’t fall short of having the 3rd Ranked Seattle Bad Dogs as one of their victims.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Maximus Northwest Championship 1st [1pt] 2.) Salem-Liberty Bowl Tournament NIT 1st [1pt]  3.) Maximus Sports Northwest Flag Football Championship 1st [1pt] 

22 Razin Havoc
The DFW Havoc made a strong statement this past September at the Billy Cole Classic, followed by a final four placement at the Texas State Championship. A new season is upon us, and we are expecting big things.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Billy Cole Classic 1st [1pt] 2.) Texas State Championship Semi-Finalist. [1pt]  3. Texas Flag Night Bowl [0.5pts] 

23. Never Back Down
One of the “windy cities” elite, Never Back Down produces steady competition, but remains and afterthought to the Hammer.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) State Of Illinois Championship 2nd. [0.5pt] 2.) Windy City Cup Semi-Finalist [1pt] 3.) USFTL Columbus Ohio Fall Kick-Off 1st. [1pt] 

24. Ballhawks
The Ballhawks have a roster filled with talent that seems to have a lack of direction, which is a contributor to their inability to close out games and tournaments. While they are a good traveling team, they’re in need of another major tournament finish.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) ASL Regional Tournament 2nd [2.5pts] 

25 Mile High Built
The Premier Flag Football Federation is the home of four of the Nation’s elite. Mile High is one of the teams above who are elite, the only problem, is that the other tree elite teams are above them.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) PF3 Best of the Best 2nd [2.5pts] 

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