TOP 25 National Rankings | May 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV — In a controversial conclusion to the MCFFU World Championships, Extreme Odds and All Met Core finished closed out the tournament as Unofficial Co-Champions. In a clean sweep, Georgia United pulled in the rear, by dominating and winning the Pro Division. In the current National Rankings 40% of the top 25 spots are occupied by teams who compete in USFTL Sanctioned leagues and Tournaments, making a strong argument that East Coast Flag Football is the Best.

Mile High Built (CO)24112.5--
Strom (TX)25102.5+1
Never Back Down (IL)23312.5--
DFW Razin Havoc (TX)22312.5--
Dynasty (Or)21203.0--
Hostile Takeover (MD)20213.0--
Fort Worth Rams (TX)19413.0--
Fresno Renegades (CA)18203.5--
Long Beach All-Stars (CA)17223.5--
Hungover (IL)6429.0+10
Source One Wolfpack (CA)16715.0-1
UFB (nv)15225.0-1
Hurricanes (MD)14115.0-1
Hoppers (AZ)13225.0-1
DC Dolphins (DC)12215.5-1
Bay Kings (CA)7537.0+3
Shockwave (Ga)11426.0-2
G-Unit (CA)10326.0-2
Denver Goats (CO)8326.5-1
Demons (CA)9616.0-3
AMC (MD)34314.0+2
Team Slow (TX)5619.0-1
Seattle Bad Dogs (WA)46111.5-1
Windy City Hammer (IL)27416--
Extreme Odds (DC)15322.5--

LEGEND: TA (tournaments attended in which team earned points) | P18 (Number of Power 18 tournaments attended) | Pts (Total rankings points earned ) | Trend (teams positive or negative movement in rankings)



1. Extreme Odds
There was no team more dominant than Extreme Odds at the World Championships, proving why they are the No. 1 Team in the Nation.
Point Earning Tournaments: 0.) MCFFU World Championships 1st Place & Travel Points [5pts] 1.) USFTL Nationals 1st Place [10pts] 2.) USFTL State of Maryland Championships 1st Place [1pt] 3.) USFTL Fallen Warriors 1st Place [5pts] 4.) USFTL Metro Cup 2nd Place [1pt]

2. Windy City Hammer
The Windy City Hammer stays at No.2, but their performance in comparison to their East Coast contemporaries was less than impressive.
Point Earning Tournaments:0.) MCFFU World Championships  Travel Points [0.5pts] 1.) NorthField Spring NIT 2nd Place [2.5pts] 2.) USFTL Nationals 2nd Place [5pts] 3.) USFTL 14th Annual State of Illinois Championships 1st Place [1pt] 4.) USFTL Windy City Cup 1st Place [5pts]  5.) Northfield Summer Ending NIT 1st Place [1pt]  6.) Northfield Summer NIT 1st Place [1pt]

3. All-Met Core
All-Met Core re-established their presence with a dominant performance at the World Championships as they were quick on the Hills of Extreme Odds.
Point Earning Tournaments:0.) MCFFU World Championships 1st Place & Travel Points [5pts]  1.) 2015 MCFFU Tournament of Champions 1st 2.) USFTL Metro Cup 2nd [2.5pts] 3.) USFTL Steel City Cup 1st [1pt].

4. Seattle Bad Dogs
The Seattle Bad Dogs are due for an appearance at an M. NIT. The Dogs may dominate the Northwest, but the country is vast outside of Seattle.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Medford Snow Bowl 1st [5.0] 2.) 2015 MCFFC Tournament 2nd [0.5pts]  3.) Stephen Faoro Battle of the Boarders 1st [5pts] 4.) Spokane Mayhem Tournament 1st [1pt]

5. Team Slow
Team Slow owns Texas; however they’ve failed to show what they can do outside of the LoneStar State. The question is what would they do if they had to face the mighty Extreme Odds.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Alamo City Winter Classic 2nd [0.5pts] 2.) Border City Shootout 1st [1pt] 3.) Hispanic State Championship 2nd  [0.5pts] 4.)Texas State Championship 1st [5pts] 5.) Bayou City Bash 1st [1pt] 6.) Trojan Shootout 1st [1pt] 

6. Hungover
Steady and consistent play have leapfrogged the Hungover ten spots and into the top ten. Now they only need to make an appearance at a Top Ten M. NIT.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) NorthField Spring NIT 1st Place [5pts] 1.) Windy City Cup 2nd [2.5pts] 2.) Northfield Pre-Season NIT 1st [1pt] 3.) Northfield Summer NIT 2nd [0.5pts] 

7. Bay Kings
The Bay Kings proved that they are the Kings of the West Coast while at the same time forging what is now the beginning of a rivalry with All-Met Core.
Point Earning Tournaments: 0.) MCFFU World Co-Championships Semi Finals  [1.5pts] 1.) Capital City Showdown 1st [1pt] 2.) MCFFU Nationals Semi-Finalist [1pt]  3.) MCFFU Tournament of Champions 2nd [2.5pt] 4.) Flash Football Tournament 1st [1pt] 

8. Denver Goats
The Denver Goats are clear cut the best team hailing out of Colorado, but a far stretch from the top of the hill as the top Colorado teams have collectively posted a 2-8 record on the National stage.
Point Earning Tournaments: 0.) MCFFU World Championships Travel Points [0.5pts] 1.) Holiday Bowl 1st [1pt]  2. Best of the Best 1st [5pts] 

9. Central Valley Demons
The C.V. Demons are still sitting in the top ten, but with the loss of their Quarterback, a weak January performance and non-appearance at the World Championships, a drop may be on the horizon.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) CVFA Tournament [1pt]  2.) MCFFU Tournament of Champions [1pt]  3.) CVFA Tournament [1pt]  4.) CVFA Tournament [1pt]  5.) Valley Bowl Championship [1pt]  6.) CVFA Tournament [1pt] 

10. G-Unit
Jamie January and Player were on fire as they imposed their will defenders. While G-Unit lost to the Bay Kings, their showing was impressive.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) 2015 FlagMag Nationals 1st [5pt] 2.) Capital City Showdown [1pt] 

11. Shockwave
Fallen Warriors will quickly be upon us, and Shockwave will have an opportunity to jump in the rankings if they can take advantage of Homefield advantage and claim a title.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.)USFTL Nationals Semi’s [1pt]  2.) ASC Fallen Warriors 2nd [2.5pts] 3.) TFFL Savage Classic 1st [1pt] 4.) Dynamic Sports NIT 1st. [1pt] 

12. D.C. Dolphins
The Metro Cup is up next and with an appearance and strong performance the Dolphins can yet climb into the Top 10 and solidify that the Maryland/DC area is the Mecca of Flag Football.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) USFTL State of Maryland Championships: 2nd 2.) WAFFL VA Beach MAJOR NIT 1st

13. Hoppers
The Hoppers are on a steady climb and the more M. NIT appearances they make, the closer they get to finding themselves in the final four.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.)ASL Regional Tournament 1st [5pts] 

14. Hurricanes
The Canes were inactive but took only a moderate decline in the ranking. Their strength of schedule allows top ranking sustainability.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) USFTL Metro Cup [5pts] 

15. Unfinished Business
The MCFFU National Champions fell just short of the Final Four at the World Championships with a loss to Extreme Odds. While the Bay Kings prove to be Kings of the West, UFB is on the rise.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) MCFFU Nationals 1st. [5pts] 

16. Source One Wolfpack
After the TOC, the  Wolfpack were itching to play against AMC. They got their wish, which may have kept them from a title and stuck in the middle of the pack.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Capital City Showdown 2nd [0.5pts] 2.) CVFFL Road To Vegas 1st. [1pt] 3.) CVFFL Holiday Tournament 1st [1pt] 4.) Capital City Showdown 1st. [1pt] 5.) CVFFL Holloween Tournament [1pt] 6.) Flash Football Tournament 2nd [0.5pt] 

17. Long Beach All-Stars
The All-Stars again fielded a sub-par team. If the legendary team can make a trip east with a loaded roster, they could disrupt the current forming eco-system in the 8 Man Division.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) MCFFU National Championships 2nd [2.5pts]  2.) 2015 MCFFU Tournament of Champions 3rd [1pt] 

18. Fresno Renegades
The Fresno Renegades are a new force in the Central Valley and proved that they are a few M.NIT’s away from gaining the experience needed to become a force.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Medford Snow Bowl 2nd [2.5pts] 2.) FlagMag Nationals 2nd [1pt] 

19. Dallas Fort-Worth Rams
The Rams have been quiet since January. Look for an FFX Summer Night appearance this summer for the Rams to break back into Championship mode.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) MCFFU Nationals traveling points [0.5pts] 2.) Bayou City Bash 2nd [0.5pts] 3.) FFX Summer Night Bowl [1pt] 4.) Texan Flag Night 1st [1pt] 

20 Hostile Takeover
Hostile Takeover was inactive for the month of April, with no movement in the rankings.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.)  Greensboro, NC TFFL State Championship 2nd [0.5pts] 2.) WAFFL VA Beach MAJOR NIT 2nd [2.5pts]

21 Dynasty
The Havoc will be transforming back into 4Man mode to defend their Hike It and Spike It title in Roswell, New Mexico this Memorial Day weekend.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Maximus Northwest Championship 1st [1pt] 2.) Salem-Liberty Bowl Tournament NIT 1st [1pt]  3.) Maximus Sports Northwest Flag Football Championship 1st [1pt] 

22 Razin Havoc
The DFW Havoc made a strong statement this past September at the Billy Cole Classic, followed by a final four placement at the Texas State Championship. A new season is upon us, and we are expecting big things.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Billy Cole Classic 1st [1pt] 2.) Texas State Championship Semi-Finalist. [1pt]  3. Texas Flag Night Bowl [0.5pts] 

23. Never Back Down
The Windy City Hammer are the team to beat, but Never Back Down will have plenty of opportunities to defeat the Kings of Midwest.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) State Of Illinois Championship 2nd. [0.5pt] 2.) Windy City Cup Semi-Finalist [1pt] 3.) USFTL Columbus Ohio Fall Kick-Off 1st. [1pt] 

24 Mile High Built
Mile High Built will need a strong showing at the Best of the Best, and with Georgia United on the bill, one the Mile High States top four may get left out of the Final-Four.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) PF3 Best of the Best 2nd [2.5pts] 

25. Storm
The Storm climbs into the National Rankings for the First time as the Ballhawks drop out after another disappointing appearance at a M. NIT.
Point Earning Tournaments: 1.) Texas State Championship 2nd [2.5pts] 

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  1. Will

    May 15, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    These are THEE MOST horse $#!@ rankings I’ve ever seen…. Top 3-5 are fine…. But after that, there’s no rhyme or reason.

    • JSMag Staff

      August 16, 2016 at 4:44 am

      The rankings are based off-of an algorithm that includes a variety of variables. The ranking of each team is based off-of their activity and their ability to place in the Final Four of each tournament they participate in. Teams are not awarded credit for just showing up to a tournament as every team does that. We award teams for 1 being good and 2 being the best. Each team in our top 25 has either won a major NIT or an Open tournament. In addition, they’ve all also placed in the final four as this is the only way to crack our top 25. If you have questions about the validity of any team being ranked please inquire and we can provide a comprehensive report of that teams success within a 12 month period.

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